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It is no secret that our location's beauty has caught the eye of many media directors. Marble staircases and limestone courtyards have proved to be perfect backdrops for film and photo alike. The grandeur of the Otto Kahn and Burden Mansions can only leave one speechless.

The versatility of our location is convenient and accommodating. Ambiance is created with simple adornment and can create a variety of different environments. Whether traditional or classic, each room has a unique atmosphere and quiet history.

Filmmakers find a muse within our walls. Creating a masterpiece is effortless using the grand architecture of our venue. Each historic room speaks for itself and transports each scene.

Photographing in our location is like none other. The delicate ornamentation, warm colors, and southern exposure offer the perfect working environment. You can find a perfect shot anywhere you turn.

Renting our facility is done on a project basis. Questions concerning touring, pricing, and availability should be addressed to the department of rentals.


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